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Where I talked to a bot

 TunafishWarrior (4:55:01 PM): hello?

glissacutie (4:55:32 PM):
Hey there!! wassup?

TunafishWarrior (4:55:51 PM):
oh, nothing much, chopping up my last rape victim, they get all messy and gross if you don't eat them in the first 24 hours!

glissacutie (4:56:29 PM):
u got my msg on myspace i guess? just pokin around trying to find some people in my area.. i just moved lol

TunafishWarrior (4:57:41 PM):
yeah, hopefully I can brutally murder your family, that way, you know, there's no one to miss you when I lock you in my closet for a few months!

glissacutie (4:58:28 PM):
hey babe...im running kinda late to begin my w3bcam show.. it woudl be a lot easier if u chatted with em in my chat-room... u want to cum see the show and chat with me in there?

TunafishWarrior (4:59:54 PM):
No fucking way babe! But seriously, how do you want to be cooked when I get bored of you, I mean there's BBQ, or a nice stew? Oh, I know, straight up lumpia yeah?

glissacutie (5:00:43 PM): I can make u a VIP guest for the w3bcam show so u don't have to pay..free....only if you swear you will not mention that inside the chat once u come in...can u prom!se??

TunafishWarrior (5:02:21 PM): Ugh, you're talking out your ass hun, I just want to sacrifice you to my undead master, all this web-chat stuff is blow for all I care, seriously, I'm beginning to think you don't even want to talk to me.

glissacutie (5:03:58 PM): Because it is the law - you have to be 18 (nudity in the show), soooo..you gotta login with a creditcard.....BUT when u get in, just shoot me your screename and I'll upgrade u (like I do for my friends). BUT..only if you SWEAR you wont mention that once ur inside..ill get in shit lol... go there --> nudechatcams.net/tease

TunafishWarrior (5:05:40 PM): No. bad stripper, it's like your not even cognizant of what's happening here. You're either really dense or.... no.... A BOT!?

glissacutie (5:06:41 PM): Oh yeah...pleez do not show anybody ur screen name/password - maybe after the show i can call u or we can mee tup sometime i dunno?

TunafishWarrior (5:08:37 PM): Now you're talking, let's meet, in person, please, soon, and wear something real nice, something fit to spend a month in!

glissacutie (5:10:28 PM):
ooohhh SHOOT.. ok I'm already so late to begin my show, I gotta run but I'll see you in the chatroom...u can use your A~I~M name to login so I know it is u... - AGAIN - do not say I upgraded u xoxoxo

TunafishWarrior (5:12:46 PM): Well shit, you really had me going there for a while. I was thinking just because your answers had nothing to do with anything I said that you where a bot, but now I see the error of my ways, you're just elusive, like some kind of endangered giant flightless parrot. I... I love you.